Fraxel® Laser Therapy

Fraxel® is a unique noninvasive laser therapy designed to dramatically improve skin texture and pigmentation, including the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, and sun damage. Fraxel utilizes fractional resurfacing technology, where only a small fraction of the skin receives the laser light. The treatment delivers a series of microscopic laser spots, while simultaneously preserving areas of unaffected, healthy skin. The healthy cells in the untouched spots promote rapid healing of the entire area, resulting in faster recovery time and minimal side effects. The result is softer, smoother and healthier skin without an uncomfortable healing period.

Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 Skin Resurfacing

The Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927 resurfacing treatment effectively targets both the surface and deeper layers of the skin for a smoother, fresher, younger looking appearance. Fraxel DUAL can improve tone and texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores, fade brown spots, improve the appearance of acne and surgical scars, and effectively treat pre-cancerous lesions (actinic keratosis). The Fraxel Dual laser includes two treatment modes. Fraxel 1550 penetrates deep into the skin layers, specifically targeting concerns such as wrinkles and acne scarring. Fraxel 1927 effectively targets tone, texture, and other more superficial signs of aging. Both Fraxel treatments can be combined with other laser modalities (eg Vbeam and Alexandrite lasers) to tailor the treatment specifically to each patient’s concerns.