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Fractionated CO2 Resurfacing

What Can eCO2 Dd For Me?

  • Reduces facial lines and wrinkles
  • Gives the skin a more firm, smooth appearance
  • Improves scars
  • Reduces sun damage, such as brown spots
  • Reduces skin blotches and blends skin color
  • Improves appearance of pigmented and vascular conditions

How Does eCO2 Work?

eCO2 works by creating tiny micro-wounds while leaving bridges of untreated skin, thus treating only a fraction of the skin’s surface. As a result, discomfort and healing time are minimized.

Fractional resurfacing appeals to a broad range of patients, from those needing to repair light damage to those wanting more dramatic results.

The procedure lives up to its promise to reduce skin imperfections and promote collagen regeneration for long-term wrinkle reduction, reclaiming the skin’s youthful appearance, tone and color.

Is the procedure painful?

Everyone experiences pain or discomfort to varying degrees. Your doctor will determine how to minimize your discomfort during the procedure. Topical anesthetics are applied and sometimes oral medications are prescribed.

Administering nerve blocks is another option that completely numbs the area being treated.

When will I see results?

Within a few days, new skin will appear that is smoother and more even-toned. Your skin will continue to improve over six to nine months as the new collagen builds, replacing the old collagen.

Is the procedure safe?

Fractional treatments are approaching a decade of popularity with physicians and consumers worldwide. The eCO2 laser is designed with the finest operating features possible to provide you and your doctor the greatest margin of safety during the procedure.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you will experience some swelling and redness. If your doctor is aggressive during the procedure, the area treated will appear red for a longer period of time. In most cases, this issue resolves in one to three weeks.
During that time, with the exception of the first few days post- treatment, you may apply makeup to tone down the redness. Normal activities may be resumed, in most cases, within 5-7 days.

Before/After Photos

Fractionated CO2 Resurfacing

Photo on top is before eC02 Resurfacing. Photo below is after eC02 Resurfacing

Information Courtesy of Mark Rubin, MD, USA

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