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Clear + Brilliant® and Perméa

Clear Brilliant
Clear + Brilliant is a great treatment for men and women of all ages and skin types who are looking to prevent and treat the early signs of aging. With modest to no downtime, Clear + Brilliant is a perfect way to help protect against natural and environmental effects of aging. However, if you are seeking a dramatic correction, there are alternative options such as Fraxel or Fractionated CO2 resurfacing treatments that can address additional skin concerns.

There are two treatment modes available for Clear + Brilliant:

Clear and Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant Original:

Improves skin tone, texture and pore size.

Clear and Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant Perméa:

Targets pigmentation, melasma and texture.


Clear Brilliant

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant laser is a gentle non-invasive treatment that uses fractional laser technology to target and prevent the early signs of aging. You will notice improved skin tone, texture and the appearance of pore size with this gentle, effective procedure.

What is Clear & Brilliant Perméa?

The Clear + Brilliant Perméa improves skin tone and texture.

How long is the Clear & Brilliant procedure?

Clear + Brilliant treatment in total takes about an hour. Upon arrival, a topical anesthetic ointment is applied to the treatment area. The Clear + Brilliant laser procedure itself lasts about 30 minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on your concerns and desired results, studies suggest patients reported visible improvements after 4 to 6 treatments, though many patients choose to have routine treatments as part of their overall skin care maintenance. During your consultation, our skin care providers will discuss a personalized treatment regimen with you.

What kind of results can I expect from Clear & Brilliant?

Your skin will feel softer and have improved tone and texture for a youthful, more radiant glow.

Clear and Brilliant Before/After
Clear and Brilliant Before/After
Clear and Brilliant Before/After

 Post Care Instructions:

1 – Cleanse using a gentle cleanser
2- Apply a vitamin c serum (AM Only)
3- Apply a gentle moisturizer
4- Apply sunscreen (We recommended reapplying your sunscreen every 2 hours)

(Make-up may be applied immediately post treatment if desired.)

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