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Lip Augmentation in Sacramento, California

Lip Augmentation Overview

Close up portrait of woman's lips on a grey backgroundLip augmentation increases the size of the lip for patients whose lips have lost volume with age, or who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their lips. Through injectable fillers, patients can achieve larger, fuller lips with minimal downtime and little to no side effects. With realistic expectations and good overall health, most patients are satisfied with the results of this procedure. This procedure is performed in our office with one of our board-certified dermatologists. Injectable fillers produce fuller lips that last for several months.

What is a lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the size and shape of your lips. There are two main ways to augment the size of your lips. Injectable fillers provide a nonsurgical, usually temporary boost for your lips, while surgically-inserted lip implants offer a permanent solution. With the latest advancements and safety profile in hyaluronic acid fillers, our physicians do not perform permanent implants.

How is Lip Augmentation Performed?

Fillers are administered via injection by a highly-qualified physician with experience injectable fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are often used for lip augmentation by injection. Their volume enhancing properties usually last anywhere from six to nine months depending on the type of filler that is being used and the amount that is injected.

How Many Lip Augmentation Treatments Are Needed for Best Results?

This is a common question and it all depends on how you wish to have your lips augmented. Generally, a conservative lip augmentation is performed so that the results are subtle and natural appearing. Usually no more than 1 syringe of a hyaluronic acid filler is used for this at the first setting. If you have healed well and may need a slight touch up, our doctors will decide if you need additional volume at a later office visit.

How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

Lips generally do not last as long as other parts of the body. After 6-12 months, the biocompatible compound is usually naturally absorbed into the body.

When Will I See Results After Getting Lip Filler?

Results are usually immediately visible. For injectables, your lips will be swollen at first and can usually persist for a few days up to a couple weeks. Bruising can also occur. Although our doctors use advanced techniques in preventing as much bruising as possible, it can happen and patients need to be aware. Majority of the swelling and bruising usually improves after the first few days.

Potential Risks of Lip Augmentation

The risks of lip augmentation are minimal, but they do exist. Infection, allergic reaction and necrosis, although extremely rare, can happen. It is best to consult with an expert injector to make sure you receive the best treatment protocol and experience possible in order to help minimize such risks.

Is Lip Filler Reversible?

Although rare in the hands of an experience injector, if some of the hyaluronic acid injectable product has to removed such a lump or being too overfilled in a specific area, our doctors can dissolve the fillers using hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that can dissolve a hyaluronic acid injectable gel.

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